A daily life in which joy is sparked by the new season overflowing with colors.
This spring, too, new discoveries and encounters will make every day special.
human woman
How about lemons?
Their fragrance spreads through the room.
( up )
( down )
Dressed in scent, you’ll feel
good even for a stroll.
What should I make?
Just imagining it is mouthwatering.
A lemon that will look
good anywhere.
A lemon that will look good anywhere.
Losing your way in an
alluring forest.
  • Photographer
    Kazuhiro Fujita
  • Stylist
    Chikako Aoki
  • Hair & Make-up
    Ryoki Shimonagata
  • Model
    Sasha (STAGE)
  • Creative Direction
    Mo-Green Co.,Ltd.